Previous Community Spotlights

Previous Community Spotlights


10/09/2018 Special Called Board Meeting



Congratulations to our very own Jeny Price.

Jeny is the Administrative Assistant to the Chief of Police. She wears many hats at the department but more important is her job away from HLPD. Tonight she was named the 2018 Desoto County Schools Parent of the Year. Great job Jeny and continue to lead the way for our young people!


Attn:  Unclaimed Property/Funds – Check to see if your business and/or name is on the list!

The City of Horn Lake has received a 64-page report that lists various businesses and individuals who have unclaimed funds in Horn Lake.  We encourage everyone to click on the link below.  You will then put in your last name and hit the search button.  If you find your name and property information, you will then click on the “That’s Me” button.  From there it will provide you the claim form and requested information for processing. 

If you need assistance or have questions, you may call AJ at 662-342-3482 to assist you with your filing.

 It seems there is no shortage of scams every day but especially during the holiday season. Most involve trying to obtain your hard earned dollars. Do not fall prey to the scammers. They pretend to be the IRS, other government agencies, police departments threatening your arrest, and mystery shopping scams, to name a few. All or most usually involve telling you to go and get money and wire it somewhere. No legitimate business or government agency will request you to do this. If you suspect something may not be right, call your local city or county government or police or sheriff's department and ask someone there 



Joy BlackRemembering Joy Black (1941-2016)

     It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Mrs. Joy Black, the first planning director of the City of Horn Lake. Joy worked in the planning department form 1985 to 1994 becoming the city's first director of planning. She worked tirelessly in those early years guiding the city's planning & development.
She was always involved in community events, specifically Summerfest, which she did a great job every year on the city's summer celebration. We will miss her dearly. Please keep the Black family in your thoughts and prayers.






Keep limbs and bushes trimmed, do not let them block access to sidewalks or block the view of street signs.

stop sign2





Don't Park on the Sidewalk.

It is a violation of city ordinance.



Please do not mow or blow grass trimmings into the street as they stop up the storm drains and contribute to flooding