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General Information
Fire Chief
David Linville
Deputy Fire Chief
Ron White
Fire Station 1
6770 Tulane Road
Fire Station 2
5711 Hwy 51
Fire Station 3
6363 Hwy 301
Fire Inspector
Brad Woods
Battalion Chief A Shift
Michael Mueller
Battalion Chief B Shift
Stephen White
Battalion Chief C Shift
Greg Scruggs
Administrative Assistant
Christy Pounders

Fire Department & Emergency Services

Fire Station 1 located at 6770 Tulane Road (662) 393-7669      
Fire Station 2 located at 5711 Hwy 51 (662) 342-0839
Fire Station 3 located at 6363 Hwy 301 (662) 781-1157

Horn Lake Fire Department is proud to serve the citizens with around the clock protection for fire and medical emergencies, operating from three fire stations that house thirty-six fire department personnel and twelve EMS personnel.
Station One is located on Tulane Road, one block south of City Hall and responds to the west side of the city with Rescue One and Unit One.
Station Two is located on Hwy 51, between Nail Road and Church Road and houses Engine Two and Truck One.
Station Three is located on Hwy 301, between Nail Road and Goodman Road and houses Engine Three, Unit Three and our Administrative Staff.
The City of Horn Lake maintains a Class 4 Fire Rating.

Mississippi Fire Marshal's Office Smoke Alarm Installation Program

Fire Safety Trailer:
This is a mobile classroom, which was purchased with the assistance to firefighters grant in 2005. We took delivery of the trailer in June 2006, and have been running programs ever since. The trailer has a kitchen, bedroom, and a burn room. We use the kitchen for most of the fire and life safety lessons. The bedroom teaches children how to escape a fire by using their window. We can demonstrate a residential sprinkler system in the burn room. This classroom also has the capability of doing a severe weather simulation, teaching the community how to react and prepare for a tornado. We have used this program at Churches, restaurants, and schools. This program is available anywhere in DeSoto County.
To schedule this program contact Chief Scruggs at 662-781-1157 ext 6. Please try and schedule at least two (2) months in advance.

Fire Academy for Kids:
The Fire Academy will be for children ages 7-12 and we will have a total of 20 kids per week. Each class will be filled by a first come first serve basis. The Fire Academy will take place at Fire Station 3 (6363 Highway 301) from 9 am to 12 Noon. We will have a graduation ceremony on Friday of each week. This will allow the parents to come and see what their children have learned during the week.
If you are interested in finding out more information about the Fire Academy for kids please contact Christy Pounders at 662-781-1157 ext 2 or by email at

Fire Prevention Bureau Permit Fees

Contact Us:

Fire Chief: David Linville
Office: 662-781-7894
Fax: 662-781-7895

Battalion Chief A Shift: Ron White
Lead Fire Investigator
For any Investigation information needed please contact Chief White at
Office: 662-470-1567
Fax: 662-781-7895

Battalion Chief B Shift: Mark Brown
For any questions concerning Fire Reports or Training please contact Chief Brown at
Office: 662-470-1567
Fax: 662-781-7895

Battalion Chief C Shift: Greg Scruggs
Fire Prevention
For any Fire Prevention or Public Safety events please contact Chief Scruggs at
Office: 662-470-1567
Fax: 662-781-7895

Fire Inspector: Brad Woods
The City of Horn Lake is currently operating under the 2012 Fire Code.
For any questions concerning Fire Permits or Inspections please contact Inspector Woods at
Office: 662-781-7893
Fax: 662-781-7895

Administrative Assistant: Christy Pounders
For any questions concerning Ambulance Billing and Reports please contact Christy at
Office: 662-781-7891
Fax: 662-781-7895