Public Works Director

Job Title: Public Works Director

Department: Public Works

Hours: Full Time

Start date: Open

Job Description:

City of Horn Lake

Job Description - Public Works Director

 Purpose of Position

 To direct and oversee all areas of public works, including streets, water, sewer, sanitation, brush/litter, and the city shop.

 Major Duties and Responsibilities

 Coordinates and directs all Street related issues

            ·    Oversee and direct the repair and maintenance of City streets

  • Makes sure that cold patch, hot patch, and crack sealant are used to repair or maintain streets
  • Oversees the repair of holes cut in streets for maintenance of city infrastructure
  • Directs the building, repairing and maintaining of concrete or asphalt shoulders and curbs
  • Oversees the repair, build up and replacement of manholes as needed
  • Oversees the build, repair and maintenance of curb cuts for handicap access
  • Directs the salting and sanding of roads in winter weather conditions as needed

Coordinates and directs all Sanitation related issues

·    Plans and directs establishment of sanitation collection routes and

      assignment of personnel and equipment

·    Coordinates activities of workers concerned with sewage treatment,

      recycling or incineration plants, and landfill activities of disposal sites

·    Notifies individuals of violations and initiates actions to obtain

      compliance with regulations

            ·    Notifies individuals of violations and initiates actions to obtain

                  compliance with regulations

                        ·    Confers with engineering and other technical personnel to advise and

                              assist in development, design, and installation of sanitation facilities

            ·    Prepares material such as handbills or press releases to keep public 

                  informed of changes in regulations

 Coordinates and directs all Utility and Sewer related issues

·    Oversee repair and maintenance of water and sewer systems

·    Inspect and repair water valves in streets

·    Check water stations and sewage lines on a daily basis

·    Maintains water wells and makes recommendations for new wells

·    Establish company policies relating to matters such as regulation of distribution and use of water, operation and maintenance standards, and standards concerned with construction of drainage systems

·    Recommends changes in policy, basing recommendations on study of capacity of present facilities, agricultural requirements, crop trends and probable future water needs

·    Prepares directives to carry out policies approved by the Board

·    Visits division offices, inspects field operations, and reviews periodic reports from subordinates to determine progress of construction and maintenance projects, distribution of water within divisions, collection of charges to users, and status of other phases of operation 

·    Reviews budget estimates and compiles and approves estimates for district


            Oversees the building and maintaining of right of ways and drainage ditches

·    Supervises the clearing of trees and brush from right of ways and ditch areas

·    Makes sure that ditches are cut and gutters and grates are clean


            Coordinates all City Shop issues    

·    Oversees and directs light maintenance on trucks

·    Makes sure that vehicles are cleaned and washed, interior and exterior

·    Oversees the checking of fluid levels- oil, transmission, brake, and wipers

·    Makes sure that mechanical components are greased and lubricated

·    Inspect vehicles for major problems

·    Orders garage / shop supplies

·    Orders unleaded / diesel fuel for all city vehicles

·    Maintains log of fuel use


            Perform other duties as needed


Job Context

The Public Works Director is a full-time, permanent position in the Public Works Department.  The immediate supervisor for the position is the Mayor.  The person in this position is supervised on a weekly basis and directly supervises 30 full time employees and recommends disciplinary decisions for those employees as well.  The Public Works Director works regular hours most of the time, with some flexibility when required when the workload demands it.  The person in this position always works more than 40 hours a week.  There is occasionally night work involved with this position when an emergency arises.  This position never requires shift work and the person in this position is always on call.  This position is 20% indoor work and 80% outdoor work, which requires work done in all types of weather conditions.  This position has accountability for budgetary, safety and legal issues related to the work for which this position is responsible.

There is exposure to chemicals and/or hazardous materials on a daily basis.  This exposure includes, but not limited to, battery acid, cleaning fluids, animals, broken glass, vehicle fluids, raw sewage, and various petroleum products.  The person in this position must hold a valid driver’s license as well as a valid commercial driver’s license.  They must have a high school diploma or its equivalent as well as hands on experience. Two to three years of experience in this field is required for this position and four to five years is recommended.  The stress level associated with this position is very high mainly due to staff issues and the public.  Physical work involved with this position includes, but is not limited to, lifting, walking, shoveling, digging, climbing, and operating dozers and excavators.


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities




                        ·    Proper use of hand tools

                        ·    Proper use of power tools

                        ·    Basic vehicle maintenance

                        ·    Horn Lake city layout

  • Horn Lake water and sewage system
                            ·    City ordinances, policies and procedures
                            ·    Homeland security issues
                            ·    Basic knowledge of water and sewer systems
                            ·    Proper grammar and proper use of English in speaking and writing
                            ·    OSHA standards and regulations concerning employee safety
                            ·    Federal and state statutes concerning the work of the department
                            ·    General functions and operations of municipal government
  • Mathematical skills, including addition, subtraction, division and multiplication


            Skills and Abilities:

                        ·    Being able to trouble shoot equipment

                        ·    Work under adverse conditions

                        ·    Use radios and other communications equipment

                        ·    Use standard department equipment properly

                        ·    Prioritize daily workflow

  • Work as a team member with other employees
                            ·    Meet specified or required deadlines
                            ·    Make decisions within specified time restraints
                            ·    Communicate effectively with residents, elected officials, other City employees, etc., both oral and written
                            ·    Maintain confidentiality
                            ·    Work autonomously when necessary
                            ·    Handle multiple tasks simultaneously with frequent interruptions
                            ·    Deal with others in a professional manner
                            ·    Maintain professional composure in heated situations

                        ·    Follow departmental and City policies and procedures

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