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In 2006, a new $20 million state-of-the-art Horn Lake High School opened as the showcase school of Northwest Mississippi.  This school includes a track, soccer field, baseball and softball field, football field and stadium, a performing arts building, a new gymnasium, library, art rooms, science and computer labs.

Our students continue to surpass state scores in every category and subject area, and accounted for the largest population of gifted students in the state.  But, students aren’t the only ones with high marks.  Each year, DeSoto County teachers earn numerous education awards – at both the state and national levels.

On February 4, 2008, DeSoto County schools announced that Wendy Hunt, forth grade Intellectually Gifted (“Spotlight”) teacher at Horn Lake Intermediate School, as “Teacher of the Year” for the state’s second largest school district. “As an exemplary National Board Certified teacher, Mrs. Hunt’s classroom management skills are impeccable,” said Vickie Bullock, principal at Horn Lake Intermediate School.  “It is such an honor to receive this award when you consider DeSoto County Schools has more than 1,900 licensed staff and we have 34 schools,” said Milton Kuykendall, superintendent of DeSoto County Schools.

Mayor Baker proclaimed Thursday, February 7th, as Brandon Jackson day with an official Proclamation at a ceremony honoring the achievements and retirement of his No. 1 jersey along with Mr. Kuykendall, Superintendent of Education.  Mr. Jackson was a former Eagle running back for Horn Lake High who is now a running back for the NFL Green Bay Packers.  During the ceremonies in a packed gymnasium, the 5-10, 212-pound pro-athlete stood tall as he was surrounded by his family, community leaders, teachers, coaches and friends.  “Brandon Jackson is an outstanding young man with high expectations for himself and he challenges those around him,” said Jim Ferguson, principal at Horn Lake.  “When he was a sophomore, he took a year off from football to focus on his grades.  He has made the right choices to be successful.  And the road was not easy.  An example of his perseverance was his ACT score—he took the test six times before he got the score he wanted, starting at a 13 and ending at a 23.  He is a wonderful role model for our students.” After the ceremony on the basketball court, fans, young and old alike, stood in line to shake his hand and get his autograph.

The quality of education in Horn Lake’s public schools continues to be a drawing card for families contemplating a move to the area.  One only has to visit any of the local schools and ‘take the tour’ to see first hand why the schools are so highly regarded.  Horn Lake High School is rated #1 in technology in the state of Mississippi.

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