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Tammy Woods
Building Inspector
Charles McCracken
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Henry Gibson
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Emergencies: Dial 911
3101 Goodman Rd
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Planning & Development

The Planning Department will be open to the public with limited staff until further notice. If you need to schedule business with the Planning Department or an inspection please call 662-393-6705.

Any questions pertaining to zoning or that are related to the planning commission agenda contact the Planning Department at 662-393-6705.

The City of Horn Lake Office of Planning & Development reviews plans, approves permits, and issues business licenses on a daily basis. It is a goal of the department, along with the entire city, to make southern hospitality a priority, while maintaining professionalism and respect. Customers are able to submit requests/complaints directly to this office, as these are then passed to the correct department to be handled.

Tammy Woods, Deputy Clerk, Planning
To schedule a building inspection, call 
662-393-6705 - 662-342-3539     
Fax - 662.342.3485

Charles McCracken, Building Inspector

For all permit applications and forms, please click here.

The City’s Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Ordinances are maintained by this department, including sign regulations, design standards, and the historic overlay district.

Desoto County GIS Map 

The Assistant Planner takes on the responsibility of approving zoning for proposed developments and businesses, using the approved Zoning Map  of the City of Horn Lake.

Stormwater Control and BMP Ordinance 

The Building Inspector reviews and approves plans; works closely with the Storm Water Coordinator and collaborates with the Fire Inspector to ensure safety during construction and completion of buildings and structures.

If you are interested in opening a business in Horn Lake, please feel free to contact us for a meeting or simply to ask questions. To begin the process of opening a business here, take a look at the Building Occupancy Checklist .

Planning Commission
Planning Commission meets the last Monday of the month at 6 pm in the courtroom unless otherwise announced.  Application submittal deadline: 1st working day of each month.  Applications and instructions are here.

Storm Water
Reduce Storm Water Pollution.

Keep grass clippings and trash out of the street and gutters. Compost or bag them. Reduce fertilizer and pesticide use. Recycle used motor oil, don’t dump! Most automotive stores collect waste oil.

Park your car on the grass before washing. Spread the word about protecting our waters to friends and neighbors. Put litter in its place. Take your old tires to a proper disposal place. Clean up after your pet. Clean paint brushes in a sink, not outdoors. Deliver your household hazardous waste to published locations quarterly.

How does Storm Water pollution occur?

As water flows across the ground, it picks up debris, chemicals, dirt, and other pollutants and deposits them into a storm drain system or water body. Storm drains are a non-treated system!The water that flows into your storm drains will end up in the drainage basins. Homeowners contribute pollutants that enter Horn Lake’s water bodies through Soil, Yard Debris, Oil, Trash & litter, Fertilizers, Animal waste, pesticides, herbicides, household hazardous waste, car washing, paints, and chemicals.

For more information on either the MDEQ or EPA stormwater phase II programs, click on the following links below.

MDEQ Stormwater Phase II Program
EPA Stormwater Phase II Program

Before digging, please call Mississippi One Call at 811 or 800-227-6477. Learn more about Mississippi One Call at