Chief Nikki Pullen

Assistant Chief Scott Brown

Jeny Price, Administrative Assistant

The administrative division is responsible for all operations of the police department. The division includes the chief of police, assistant chief of police and support staff.

The chief of police is the chief executive officer of the department and the final departmental authority in all matters of policy, operations and discipline. The assistant chief of police is second in command of the department. The assistant chief is charged with primary oversight of all subordinate divisions and implementation of all policies issued by the chief of police.


Major: Ben Swan

The patrol division provides basic police services to the community. The division encompasses uniform patrol and traffic enforcement. Those services include the following:

  • Routine patrol and calls for service.
  • Prevention of criminal activity.
  • Arrest of offenders and assistance in prosecution.
  • Regulation of traffic and the prevention of traffic accidents.
  • Minor investigation of criminal incidents.
  • Communications staff.
  • Fleet management.


Commander: Captain Jody Keene

The detective division investigates felony and some misdemeanor crimes that occur in the city.


Commander: Captain Jay Cobb

The special investigations division focuses on narcotics, gangs, and other similar investigations. This division encompasses the K9 division.


Commander: Lieutenant Colter Grayson

The operations division is responsible for department training, employment services, and equipment procurement.


Supervisor:  Jeny Price 

The telecommunications is responsible for all dispatch operations which includes radio communications, call taking/dispatching, and 911 calls.