Code Enforcement Officer

Job Title: Code Enforcement Officer

Department: Police Department

Hours: Full Time

Job Description:

City of Horn Lake

Job Description - Code Enforcement Officer

Purpose of Position

Effect compliance to the Ordinances and Regulations of the City of Horn Lake to maintain the highest possible standards of community cleanliness and order; provide good public relations with all people concerned.

Major Duties and Responsibilities

            Ensure compliance with City codes and ordinances

  • Investigate calls from citizens with neighborhood complaints

·    Inspect areas for cleanliness

·    Issue warnings/citations for un-cleanliness

  • Report abandoned vehicles to be removed

·    Inspect signs throughout the city for size and visibility

·    Recommend condemnation for unsafe properties

  • Perform abatements on nuisance properties

·    Enforce sewage violations throughout the city

            Assist with code enforcement matters

                        ·   Work with owners, as needed, to attain compliance

·    Follow-up to see if compliance has been met

  • Provide technical assistance to the Zoning and Planning Commission

·    Interpret building codes and zoning ordinances, as needed

·    Provide reports on departmental activities as required or requested

            Perform other duties as directed

Job Context

      The Code Enforcement Officer is a full-time, permanent position in the Police Department.  The immediate supervisor for this position is the Deputy Chief of Police. The person in this position is supervised on a daily basis, and has no supervisory authority.  The Code Enforcement Officer works regular hours most of the time, with some flexibility when the workload demands it.  There is no night work required but overtime occasionally. There is no shift work involved with this position.  The person in this position is never on call.  20% of the work for this position is indoors; 80% is outdoors and requires work done in all types of weather conditions. This position has accountability for safety and legal issues related to the work for which this position is responsible.

                 There is exposure to chemicals and/or hazardous materials on a monthly basis.  This exposure includes, but is not limited to, cleaning solutions, building dust and particles, electrical currents, and possible asbestos.  The Code Enforcement Officer must have a valid driver’s license.  The person in this position must have a high school diploma or its equivalent; training in building inspection and codes is strongly recommended.  At least two years of experience in this or a related field is strongly recommended.  The stress level associated with this position varies with activities.  Physical work involved with this position includes, but is not limited to, lifting, climbing up and down ladders, walking around construction sites, and performing inspections.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities


  • Layout of City streets

      ·    City codes, ordinances, and their numbering system

      ·    Code enforcement procedures

      ·    Paperwork required for the department and the court system

      ·    Standard building codes for residential and commercial development

      ·    City codes and ordinances for residential and commercial development

      ·    Proper grammar and proper use of English in speaking and writing

      ·    OSHA standards and regulations concerning employee safety

      ·    Federal and state statutes concerning the work of the department

  • General functions and operations of municipal government
  • Mathematical skills, including addition, subtraction, division and multiplication

Skills and Abilities:

                        ·    Work under adverse conditions

  • Read plans

                        ·    Interpret rules, regulations, laws and ordinances concerning building codes

                        ·    Use radios and other communications equipment

                        ·    Use standard department equipment properly

                        ·    Manage workfare and prisoner workers

                        ·    Prioritize daily workflow

                        ·    Work as a team member with other employees

                        ·    Complete paperwork within specified time restraints

                        ·    Make decisions within specified time restraints

  • Communicate effectively with residents, elected officials, other City employees contractors, etc., both oral and written

                        ·    Maintain confidentiality

                        ·    Work autonomously when necessary

                        ·    Handle multiple tasks simultaneously with frequent interruptions

                        ·    Deal with others in a professional manner

                        ·    Maintain professional composure in heated situations

                        ·    Follow departmental and City procedures

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